Sunday, January 11, 2009

Episode 111: Essay!

Have just wasted an hour doing nothing but sorting my iTunes collection. Again. I made the big mistake of deciding to look for Christian music, and well, the rest is history. Am now seriously getting down to the business of writing the essay, and I've managed to get the introduction the way I want it. I've hit a wall though, as I can't seem to think of how to word the next paragraph so that it limits my field of argument without making me sound unwittingly ignorant. I have a bunch of quotes that I want to use, and they've basically helped me string together the rough outline of my essay. I'm worried that I'm using too much secondary material, but at this point, I suppose it's more a case of just getting it done and having something to hand in. I keep telling myself first year doesn't count, not really, but I'm too proud to allow myself to slack off just because of that. I'll finish this essay to my satisfaction, even if it means not sleeping tonight and missing Thomas Docherty's lecture tomorrow! I really, really, really will not procrastinate anymore for the next essay, which is due in Week 7. I will sit down next Saturday, decide what question I want to do, and start agonising over the introduction, even if it makes me sound really square, boring and typically Singaporean.

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