Thursday, January 29, 2009

Episode 129: We Make Our Own Traditions

Was completely spaced out during Jim's seminar today, partly because I haven't read The Heat Of The Day despite all my good intentions recently, partly because I'm still sick and too hazy to manage more than a few pages at a time. So I managed to get through the entire seminar without saying a word. Fared slightly better in French because I'd actually done a bit of the work and French classes tend to be easy for me anyway, but I was still glad to be able to get back to my room. I've also managed to track down my parcel of books, which has made me very relieved. Now I just need to find the time to head down to collect it. Tomorrow, between my seminar and rehearsal? Came back to my room to ditch my Crumpler and books before going to rehearsal. I didn't stay for the entire thing though, mainly because I don't think my presence was entirely crucial, especially when Prin was doing such good work with the cast. I was headed to Varsity, for what has now become a sort of established tradition. I think in the space of less than a month, our numbers have doubled, to the point where we could split into two groups, one inside (for the warmth) and one outside (for the intermittent heating), and still have about half a dozen in each. We all eventually wound up inside though, where I finally got to see what drunk Lucy was like. She was endearing, I swear, even though she was totally mortified, according to her Facebook status. Whose turn will it be next week?

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