Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Episode 106: I'm Reading Lovecraft!

Lecture got cancelled today! Only found out like a couple of hours before, but it's all good because I ended up having time to finish my e-mail interview for Education UK, post my 16-25 Railcard application, and deposit my money. Have also finished reading The Call Of Cthulhu and Notes On Writing Weird Fiction, and am now trying to finish At The Mountains Of Madness in the middle of rehearsal. I absolutely have to start reading my journal articles for 'Howl' tonight, otherwise I'll never be able to get started on the essay tomorrow afternoon. Was spacing throughout Adam's seminar today because I hadn't read the Said reading, but I did realise that 'Howl' actually ties in really well with Aristotle, Burke and Shklovsky, at least according to the sheet describing the unit in my Reading Pack. Will probably use that to jog my thought processes? It means I'll have to re-read the entire unit again, at least the relevant parts, but hopefully that'll result in a totally brilliant essay by next Monday. I really, really want to write something good, if only because the unassessed ones I did earlier have been decent, if not downright good, stuff.

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