Saturday, January 10, 2009

Episode 110: Han Dynasty

Went for the Han Dynasty buffet, which in my opinion, isn't as nice as Wing Wah's, but it costs half the price, so who's complaining? Wandered around Coventry for a bit after lunch, trying to find gloves. We started out at Debenham's, which I quite like, but it's really just a very expensive version of mass market fashion, so I doubt I'll be buying anything from there soon. Then we headed over to Primark, where Caleb ended up buying stuff and I didn't. So I still have no gloves. Sigh. Came back to my room, where I've been sifting through secondary material for my essay ever since. I doubt it's going to help much, and I know that I'm doing this just to avoid actually getting down to writing the essay, but well, I'll pull another all-nighter if I have to. Caleb very helpfully cooked dinner, which didn't turn out so bad, considering that his cooking skills are probably just marginally better than mine. Now have to find a way to finish my bottle of pasta sauce within the next few days because he didn't use it all up, although I suppose we actually could have. I'll be very glad when this essay is over and done with. Seriously, no procrastinating for the next one!

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