Saturday, January 03, 2009

Episode 103: Exploring Kenilworth

The weather at present is so cold that even my French Connection jacket can't keep me warm. Also, the gloves I bought yesterday from Tesco are rubbish! The threads are coming out already, and it's not like I've been doing any sort of unusual stunts while wearing them. I'm going to take them down to Tesco tomorrow if I'm free and get a refund. If I can't, I'm going to complain until they give me a new pair, though I'd much rather be refunded because the gloves can't even keep my hands warm. Very disappointed! Headed down to Kenilworth today to grab a bite at Time For Tea. We waited really long for the food though! I thought my cheese omelette was not bad, but not good enough to really justify the long wait. Still, I might go back again. Funny thing happened, incidentally. We had to leave the table by sometime after 3 pm because it'd been booked. Turns out that it was Chernise and her friends, Wenxian being among them, who had booked the table. We found out because we all wound up taking the same bus back from Kenilworth. Haha! Like Eugene Chan says, he's constantly pushing people to explore places that they've never been to, so today, I discovered that you can take really pretty pictures at the lake in Kenilworth, and that it's a wonderful place to have a picnic. In spring or summer. I've started researching my essay on 'Howl', so that's a good thing. I haven't read enough for the translation test on Monday, so that's a bad thing. I'm quite prepared to fail it, since it doesn't actually count for my final grade, although it would be nice to actually be able to translate something on Monday rather than staring blankly at the given passage. Shall go do some reading out of desperation...

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