Monday, January 05, 2009

Episode 105: MobTV Sucks!

Am in the middle of the first rehearsal for The Culture Project using the script, and it's pretty cool to hear people reading out something you've written. My attention is somewhat divided though, as I'm trying to read 'The Call Of Cthulhu' in preparation for Wednesday's Weird Fiction module. Have already read my assigned Orwell essay for Thursday's EN123 seminar, and I can definitely rattle on about it for three minutes, so that's something settled at least. I was hoping to start reading for my 'Howl' essay today, but I don't think that's going to happen now. The translation test in the morning was pretty okay, but I don't think I'll fail, which means the whole thing will simply fail to have its intended effect, i.e. to scare students into swotting for the final examination. I already made a few gaffes, including translating something that was supposed to be about plague as being about starvation, but even with negative marking, I think I should scrape by. Ah well. I've also subscribed to MobTV to get my final bunch of episodes of Little Nonya. I must say that MobTV is such a con job! For a paid service, the quality of the videos is terrible, and they look essentially like really bad TV-rips. The size of the video is pathetically small and Mediacorp doesn't even bother to edit out that irritating scrolling news ticker! The preview episodes are in fact better, since they don't have the news ticker, but because they're also episodes that haven't aired yet, Mediacorp somehow decided not to put in subtitles. Not that I can't understand the dialogue without them, but it just goes to show how bloody lazy the company is. Am definitely not renewing my subscription after three months...

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