Friday, January 16, 2009

Episode 116: Electric City

I made it to my seminar! I did not have a hangover. I even did a little bit of the reading! There were only seven of us at the seminar though, but I still managed to get by without speaking more than a few words. Haha! Headed back to Westwood to pick up my final Gormenghast book from Amazon UK, and then went back to my room to try and get my laundry done. Spent most of the afternoon trying, but only succeeded after Shen Ting managed to get his in. I spent most of the time getting hooked on Torchwood, which has been fairly entertaining so far, although I think I still prefer Doctor Who, and I do wish British television shows ran for the same length as their American counterparts. Went to Whitefields to meet the rest of the people going to our The Culture Project social. We were really early for Electric City because Tempo was really empty. I kept my drinking to a minimum though, just one shot and one VK Apple, which I've decided I like better than VK Blue or VK Ice. Probably will stick to semi-heavy drinking at Varsity on Thursdays though, as the drinks are cheaper! I didn't really care for the music at Electric City, except for the occasional track that had a more thumping beat. Bella and Rahul were the ones who really got into the dancing, although we got a bit worried when we lost Rahul for a really long time. Turns out he was just at the bar getting a drink, where the queues, as expected, were phenomenal. Keegan, on the other hand, must have enjoyed himself thoroughly, being such a great hit with the ladies, thanks to his cool and funky hat. It would have been nice if a cast member or two had showed up though...

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