Sunday, January 25, 2009

Episode 125: Machiavellian

Indeed, perhaps one should know whether or not the harmonic series converges or diverges, although that hardly seems like the sort of thing that you would expect to be general knowledge. Au contraire, a little knowledge isn't dangerous in itself. It only becomes so when the possessor of said scrap has the arrogance and presumption to apply it erroneously in forming notions and then resist correction by others perhaps slightly more informed. On a tangential note, Hoobastank's new album has a track, 'All About You', which has, shall we say, a particular resonance for me at the moment. I did one of those online personality tests for fun again. It seems that I'm very Machiavellian, which to a large extent, is true. There are selected individuals, and they actually number more than you would guess, whom I refuse to attempt to manipulate as a matter of principle, usually because they've proved themselves to be so decent that I'd feel like I didn't deserve their friendship if I was anything less than genuine towards them. In all other circumstances though, it's not that I'm a particularly bad person or anything. We all manipulate people. Some of us do it more frequently. Some of us do it better. It is an art, and beautiful in its own way. Was going to go bake with the others at Claire's place, but I've had that feeling that I'm going to fall ill since leaving for church this morning, so I finally decided to stay in my room and watch more Torchwood, which is fast becoming my guilty television pleasure after Gossip Girl and Privileged. Now I'm off to do a bit of Spanish, and then read some Angela Carter, hopefully.

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