Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Episode 141: Avenue Q

I was just one bus short of missing my 11.21 am train to London. Should probably pay more attention to the bus schedules in future. Anyway, I finally managed to finish reading Frederick Crews's Postmodern Pooh on the way down. Brilliant satire, which anyone who's ever been frustrated by literary theory and criticism should read. Decided to buy myself an Oyster card, as well as link it my 16-25 Railcard. That didn't go so well initially, as the linking process was screwed up somehow, which meant that the bloody barrier just refused to open for me! Got that fixed, and headed down to Charing Cross from Euston, and then grabbed lunch at the nearby Subway. Texted Eugene, and he told me to stay around the area and walk to his lecture with him, which I ended up crashing. Sat through an hour that was less enlightening than you would suppose, and which also reminded me of just how 'overeducated' Singaporean students are compared to their overseas counterparts. Spotted Wilson in the centre of the room, but didn't have time to say hello because we were going over to the LSE Garrick to meet Claudia, Peter and Tsz San for a late tea. Judith popped by randomly, and so we all sat there for about two hours, engaging in conversation that at times veered into rather bizarre territory!

As we still had loads of time to kill, Eugene and I had a nice three-course dinner. Well, mine was nice. He didn't like his fish. I totally loved my lemon sorbet, even if I do agree that it smells too much like dishwashing liquid. So finally, the main event of the day: Avenue Q was wicked! I loved it. The two of us had only the vaguest ideas of what it would be like, and I like how they've taken something like Sesame Street and sexed it up. The first song would have been really distressing ('What Do You Do With A BA In English/It Sucks To Be Me') if I weren't already bonded. Couple that with the link Eugene Chan posted on my Facebook wall, and it's enough to make you want to switch majors. The actual plot isn't anything to rave about, but it will certainly strike a chord with its target demographic. It really is the kind of production that one must possess a sense of humour in order to view though, otherwise one is just liable to end up being sanctimonious about the whole thing. Am crashing for the night at Shou Jie's place again, which he so kindly offered. No more getting mugged while snoozing on a bench. Yay!

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