Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Episode 148: Procrastinating, As Always...

Oh, the irony. I listened to a podcast today by some guy on the importance of isolating sounds from your native language that don't appear in Spanish when learning Spanish pronunciation, so as to achieve a more authentic accent. The irony comes from his own English pronunciation, which fails to make the distinction (that doesn't exist in Spanish) between 'b' and 'v', at least not consistently. At least he acknowledges it himself at the end of the podcast. I find accents and phonology fascinating in passing, although most of it is really just a desire to correct my own accent away from the laziness of a Singaporean tongue. That makes me sound just a tad snooty. I am though, when it comes to things like speaking correctly. I am very aware that my accent changes when I speak to my British friends, although not as drastically as some people I've encountered, which in part is due to the fact that unless I'm slipping into Singlish in conversation, I tend to adopt what Kelly once remarked was a 'educated Singaporean accent', i.e. educated in a certain type of Singaporean school, so it takes very little effort to get myself understood anyway.

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