Sunday, February 08, 2009

Episode 139: Pizazz 2009

So I woke up late and didn't make it to church this morning. No surprises there, considering that I got back to my room past 3 am. So after a shower, I spent the afternoon searching for promo remixes of The Saturdays' singles, 'If This Is Love', 'Up' and 'Issues'. They're one of the few groups whose remixes don't sound like the original songs have been put through a blender, emerging completely unrecognisable. If anything, the remixing actually enhances the songs, making them even more dancefloor-friendly than they already are. Headed over to AV1 because Yong Long said some of them might be going to Pizazz too. Only realised it was snowing when I was about to walk out the door, so everything was white and pretty while I was walking over, but it was horribly cold! Bumped into Sophie on the way to the bus stop, seeing her friends off. The bus to Leamington Spa took ages to arrive, but we still made it to the Royal Spa Centre just a few minutes after the performance had started. Pizazz itself was interesting, if somewhat confusingly eclectic because of the way they just moved from item to item without any sort of explanation. An emcee would have been helpful, I think. We trudged through the slush after that, looking for a place that did takeaways. We found Leamington Fish Bar, but I can't figure out why with a name like that it features things other than fish and chips so heavily on its menu. Not really complaining though, since the guy gave us extra chicken pieces! Chips and mozzarella wasn't that good an idea on my part though...

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