Thursday, February 05, 2009

Episode 136: More Cancellations

The title about sums up what the entire academic week is shaping up to be. It's somewhat amazing that in a developed country, the infrastructure is so susceptible to the weather. Even if the UK isn't used to experiencing this much snowfall, you'd think they'd have planned for this sort of thing. Like I was discussing with Eugene via SMS, there really are some aspects in which Singapore is vastly superior, which we take completely for granted and only realise once we're overseas. Will spring never arrive? Have booked my tickets to London and back, by train and coach respectively, to see Avenue Q with Eugene on Tuesday. Am hoping the weather clears up by then, otherwise it's going to be a miserable journey back on Wednesday morning, provided I even make it back. Still need to find somewhere to sleep overnight. The station, perhaps? I could find a place to sit down with a drink and get some serious reading done. As for our weekly Varsity outing, you didn't think snowfall would keep us from it, did you? Most of the usual crowd was back, once again with new additions. Have discovered that I quite like VK Tropical, although it's a bad idea to follow that with Jack Daniels and Coke, as the latter winds up tasting a bit too bitter. Nonetheless, fun times to be had. Who'll be around during Reading Week to carry on our tradition, I wonder?

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