Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Episode 156: Ruth Padel

Just got back from Ruth Padel's reading at the Arts Centre, and I've decided it's far too late to justify having dinner. That and my face feels particularly fat today. I know I should really stop obsessing and start exercising instead. Just let my face put on a few more inches and I'll get down to it! The reading was excellent, as it usually tends to be. I liked how all the poems she read were threaded together by the common theme of Darwin, and I would have liked to have bought the collection they were from, but I'm thinking that I should continue to spend more conservatively this term, as far as possible. That and I just bought Improv For Storytellers: Theatresports And The Art Of Making Things Happen by Keith Johnstone for Peter Blegvad's class. Incidentally, it was a wise decision to hold off buying all that stuff I'm hankering after on Amazon, as every single day, the price of one of the huge number of books I've picked out has fallen! Today's was particularly significant, as it was one of the PostSecret books that got its price reduced. Perhaps I will buy them after all, even though I was actually thinking of asking for them as a birthday present. Have managed to finish reading all the Shakespearean sonnets, as well as the Elizabeth Bishop poems on the handout for tomorrow's seminar with Jim Byatt, so I feel like I've earned the right to slack off for tonight. Unfortunately, I still have to do a bit of research for LL208 tomorrow, on the French President and Prime Minister. Sigh. Once you start being hardworking, you feel like you have to continue all the way...

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