Friday, February 20, 2009

Episode 151: Working Well In Advance, For A Change

After I got home from Varsity, I briefly entertained thoughts of reading Shakespeare and Spenser in bed. I even went so far as to take out all the material, before deciding that it just wasn't worth the loss of sleep. So I went through another seminar without saying anything. Thank God for people like Alex and Dan who always volunteer something. Haha! I just came back from a Warwick Skills Certificate session. I'm doing the weekend intensive for CM1 Getting Started On Skills Development, which is interesting, but still not the kind of stuff that I couldn't pick up by reading a few books or surfing a few websites. Bits of the module sound really familiar though, like stuff I've facilitated for when I was working at High Achievers. The assignments look really easy to complete, and I've had good practice with that sort of stuff while doing WITS project reports during NS. I've also started doing my French homework really early this time, as I've got no major looming deadlines and can afford to spend time catching up on work and reading. So I will probably start on the portfolio for CM1 well in advance of the April 24 deadline! Randomly, Walkers Sensations chips have been half-price at Costcutter for really long! I'm so happy because it's letting me stock up on snacks. Especially Thai sweet chilli chips. Yay!

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