Thursday, February 26, 2009

Episode 157: Twilight

Progress has been made on several fronts, which has brought some measure of satisfaction to me today. The EN122 lecture this morning was ghastly. I'm still not sure if I actually learnt anything in it? I think the only lecturers whose lectures I've enjoyed for EN122 have been Emma Mason's and Pablo Mukherjee's. Grabbed a drink at the Kami Lounge with Lucy before my EN123 seminar, as well as buying my first Warwick hoodie. Black. Didn't realise it was discounted by 20%. Now I feel like collecting them all. Haha! Watched Twilight before drinks at Varsity, and unfortunately, I can't bring myself to say that I liked the film. Perhaps I'm asking too much of my films, but where was the complexity in this? Never having read the original book, I can't comment precisely on what was lost in the translation from book to screen, but I'm certain there must have been something missing. I also hope that the dialogue wasn't lifted wholesale from Stephanie Meyer's book, as some of it was just excruciating. Plus it's always a sign of trouble when you find one of the supporting characters (Ashley Greene's Alice) more interesting than the lead character (Kristin Stewart's Bella). Can I also say that Bella looked more sickly throughout the entire film than the whole family of undead? That was a little weird. So overall, sorry, Lucy, I don't Twilight is going to make it into my list of must-see movies. If I want sexy vampires, I'd still go back to Anne Rice.

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