Sunday, February 15, 2009

Episode 146: Another All-Nighter

Submissions meeting in the morning. I thought we did really well, but we didn't get the green light in the end, so that's rather a shame. Was kind of looking forward to it really. So I came back and started researching my Stoppard essay. Didn't really have a thesis in mind this time, since I'd totally put off thinking about it until today. Had to hunt through articles and essays for a while before a coherent plan formed itself for the essay, which I am currently writing while listening to the entire Café Del Mar discography on my laptop. My aim is to finish before I reach the end of the music, which seeing as there are 601 tracks, is entirely possible. I will almost certainly be pulling another all-nighter again, which is just insane. One can only hope the quality of the essay this time suffers only as much as the previous one did! My friends think I'm crazy for forgoing my sleep, but well, I kind of can't help it. The whole perfectionist thing and all. I'm expecting a 2:1 for this essay, although I'm quite hopeful my fiction portfolio will be a First. So the marathon essay-writing session continues...

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