Sunday, February 22, 2009

Episode 153: W.

Went to see W. with Laura, Lucy and Sophie at Warwick Student Cinema. There was hardly anyone there though. The film was actually quite entertaining, and it did manage to make Josh Brolin look like a better-looking version of George W. Bush. It isn't really a straightforward political film, which makes it easier to get through. That and it was the first regular film I was seeing with WSC, so it was free. We're thinking of seeing Australia next week! Have heard mixed reviews about it, but I guess I'll go for the company. We were at The Grad after the film, just to grab a drink. Alex came by, and we had a hilarious time. If anyone had been eavesdropping for the Overhead at Warwick Facebook group, they'd have got quite a lot of material. Picked up a load of stuff from Iceland and Tesco after church, including three jars of those sausages that I really liked with mashed potatoes a week or so ago. Am pretty much set for the next week or two in terms of meals and snacks, although the Nandos chips I bought weren't that spicy. This is me being distinctly unimpressed!

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