Friday, February 06, 2009

Episode 137: New iTunes Candy!

Just got back from another Malaysia Night rehearsal. Am now eating a late dinner and watching The Tudors. Seminar this morning was cancelled, as I predicted to Alex last night, so I spent the morning looking for Sugababes songs, since I realised that 'About You Now', which we were singing and miming actions to last night at Varsity, is one of their songs. Never knew that! That and I've always sort of liked their music, right from when they first started out. They were just one of the groups that I never felt the need to follow with any measure of devotion. In the process of searching for their songs, I also came across an excellent pop album by The Saturdays. Chasing Lights is sheer brilliance from start to finish, the sort that melds the formulaic sounds of the previous decade with the electronic sensibilities of today, to create a perfect pop confection. Definitely going to be on my playlist for a significant period of time to come! If either of my sisters are reading this, they should totally have a listen to The Saturdays. Perhaps we'll finally have another pop group we can all agree that we like?

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