Monday, November 09, 2009

Episode 413: Hitchhiker's Thumb

Woke up when it was almost noon, so I spent the afternoon doing my French homework while catching up on TV shows. (Yeah, I tend to do my French homework under such distracting conditions. Doesn't seem to affect the quality of the output though!) Busted the word limit writing about political and social progress and/or regression in Singapore, but it was fun discovering things like 'gerrymandering' translates as 'charcutage électoral', making it sound like the votes have to undergo some culinary process, which I guess is true in some sense. I also discovered that I have 'hitchhiker's thumb', which Wikipedia informs me is a recessive congenital condition in which the extended thumb bends backwards to the nail and outwards. See, I never realised this made me special. I always thought that was just how thumbs were meant to be! So yeah, cool discovery of the day. Further cool stuff came in the form of finding albums by Heads We Dance, The Killers and Velvet Code. I know I'm a bit late for The Killers, who've been around for a while now, but it was just so weird to realise that some of the songs I recognise from clubs/pubs are actually their songs. Like 'Mr. Brightside' and 'Somebody Told Me'. I'm a bit ambivalent about Heads We Dance's first album, Love Technology, but I really like their upcoming single, 'Take My Picture'. It's like Sophie-Ellis Bextor with less dated synths. As for Velvet Code, I just like the dancey beats. (Yeah, I'm a bit shallow that way.)

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