Thursday, November 12, 2009

Episode 416: Sleeping Beauty

Didn't really buy that much poetry at the two Oxfam stores. In fact, I was kind of disappointed by the range of poetry available. I did pick up some other stuff though, so it wasn't a total waste. Had lunch by myself at Nando's, and still don't see why people rave about it. It's really not that spicy! Met Eileen and Petrina for tea at Fleet River Bakery, where I had hummingbird cake. I'm still not quite sure why it's called that, to be honest. It was quite nice though, with a cream cheese frosting on top. Catching up with the two of them, however briefly, was good as well. I spent quite a lot of time at Itsu too, waiting to meet them and later, waiting to meet Claudia at the Royal Opera House. I mention this because I've discovered this strange tea/juice combination that actually kind of works. Earl Grey, watermelon and lime. The tea gives it that little bit more complexity, and it's the sort of thing that you could pretty much whip up at home. Well, in Singapore anyway. Don't think I've seen watermelons around in Tesco. Anyway, the highlight of my day was undoubtedly watching Sleeping Beauty, having paid £10 for a £100 seat. Sometimes, being a student does pay off in the most awesome of ways. I'm not usually a ballet person, but this was actually really good, and being so near to the orchestral pit and the stage just made it that much more intense. That and getting to rub shoulders, literally, with well-heeled people. A guy could get used to this.

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