Friday, November 20, 2009

Episode 424: Birmingham Christmas Market

Peter Blegvad looks really different with a beard. Just putting that out there. Anyway, I headed down to the Christmas market in Birmingham with Annie, Dan, Kathy and Owen after lessons. I can't believe I didn't go last year because I love it! How can anyone not be at least a little happy at anything related to Christmas? We wandered around the stalls at first, just to see what was on offer. Made a detour to Waterstone's, where what began as my looking for books in the clearance section turned into my buying books for myself and some presents for people back in Singapore. So yeah, I've sort of broken my promise not to buy any new books until I've read at least five that I already have, and the prices were in fact very slightly more expensive than getting the books off Amazon UK, but buying them made me so happy! Plus, like I said, most of the books are gifts for people, so I don't feel bad about paying a bit more. Also got my dad's present, but this was back at the Christmas market. Have to shop for my mum and my godparents, and I'm thinking that I should make a second trip to the market, sometime later in the term. Maybe even on the Thursday right before I fly, so that I can get some of those candied nuts for my family, and maybe my godmother, if the sugar doesn't make them an unhealthy present. Sophie called to see if I was going to Kasbah, and I would have, except I've still got a lesson tomorrow and would prefer not to be smashed tonight. Come to think of it, I probably won't even make it to Kasbah for the rest of the term. Except possibly in Week 9. Oh well...

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