Saturday, November 14, 2009

Episode 418: Bad Work, But Good Food Makes Up For It

Spent the afternoon trying to get started on my report for my Archaeology course, with limited success. I can see how I can pad the thing out to 1500 words, but I'm having trouble condensing information without including things that are irrelevant or borrowing too much from the Hill report. Shall continue plugging away at it over the next couple of days, hopefully making more progress. Perhaps it would help if I actually read the Hill report through instead of just skimming? The quality of the scanned pages is really bad though. I'm beginning to feel that my experience with archaeology is going to turn out the way it did with psychology. I'll wind up finding the subject interesting, but not enough for me to overcome the tedium associated with the work. I'm just aiming to pass anyway, since this is just Open Studies, although I will be awarded a grade on the university's 17-point scale because I'm doing this as part of a full Certificate. Anyway, it was nice to finally meet San Choo, after having been Facebook friends for over a year. He came over to cook dinner for us today, so that's what he was doing while I was working on my report. The food was really, really good. I don't think I've ever enjoyed lamb this much before? Conversation was lively, although perhaps too coarse for Eugene's delicate ears.

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