Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Episode 422: I Actually Read Milton

I managed to finish the reading for EN273, finding Paradise Lost surprisingly readable. I'm sure there are people who'll disagree, but I thought it was okay, at least compared to most long poems I've had to read in the past. I even finished writing my own poem for the seminar, which I might even ask to have workshopped, as I'm not entirely pleased with how my initial idea has been realised in the present poem. Have just got back on campus after cell at Elizabeth's, nearly missing the bus because I was cleaning my spectacles. Am helping Jonny give out waterbottles after Pop!, although I might ask to leave just after midnight, since I neither live within what I think of as walking distance from campus nor do I own a bicycle. Plus I have a 9 am seminar, so it would be nice to get some sleep. Still have not done any further work on the report due Saturday after next, which isn't yet a cause for concern, but will be if I leave this Saturday's lesson none the wiser as to what I should write. Am hoping that examining the finds will give me some inspiration, although I foresee the report is really going to be almost like an exercise in creative non-fiction. (I kind of feel that's what archaeology is all about anyway, if you'll allow me to be facetious.)

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