Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Episode 421: Disappointed With TV!

Met Sarah Adamson after LL209 to discuss helping out with administrative stuff at Kidz Klub. So that's Wednesday afternoons sorted! Griping on Facebook about the flaws in the TV shows we watch is a wonderful way to waste time. At the moment, pointing out the inconsistencies of Merlin has been entertaining me and Laura, to the point where she's suggested we should just become TV writers ourselves. I think that's a great idea, but it's going to take a bit of effort to create something that isn't just derivative of the shows I like. Caught the latest episodes of Gossip Girl and House today. Lady Gaga's appearance on the former was, frankly, underwhelming. In terms of the directions the plot is taking, they make some sort of sense, but who really cares? I just thought Chuck saving Jenny was so cute, given the history of their relationship, and I also loved how the show is finally owning up to the fact that Nate is basically the show's resident manwhore. The show nearly came full circle tonight, except Tripp ruined things for Nate and Serena. Still, this show is just getting too much hype and not actually delivering. Chuck's gay kiss? The threesome? Lady Gaga? None of these plot points was worth the amount of online columns spent on them! House, on the other hand, seems to be spiralling out of control. Not only is my favourite doctor leaving (temporarily?), but for the very first time, I found myself thinking that House had crossed a line with his mind games. That's saying a lot, since House is basically my hero when it comes to manipulation.

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