Friday, November 27, 2009

Episode 431: Two Out Of Two...And 22!

The day began really badly. I overslept and missed my 9 am seminar, despite setting two alarms, but since the EN232 seminar repeats at 11 am and 1 pm, that wasn't really a problem. Forced to turn up late for the EN273 seminar, as once again, I had to wait for a delivery by City Link. I wish Amazon UK would just use Royal Mail more often! Things looked up once I actually turned up in class though. Read out my stuff twice today, once in each seminar, and received positive feedback from Michael Hulse and Peter Blegvad, tutors whose judgements I respect and value highly. Win! Poem here, story here. At this point, have begun thinking about EN232 portfolio, so am still trying to decide what sort of stuff to write for it. This story is a possible direction, but will it fill an entire portfolio? A realise mode is possible as well, see here. Made £22 after classes by repeatedly solving the Tower of Hanoi, although I think the point of this research experiment was really to do with people's self-perception and predictive abilities. It was an Economics department thing, after all. Must keep an eye out for more of this sort of thing! Sophie Mac and Stevey's speakeasy party was fun, my flat cap being fairly well-received. Someone said I looked kind of ghetto, but I know he didn't mean it in a bad way. Had to leave early though because I've still got one last lesson tomorrow for this term's Archaeology module. Didn't even drink that much. Remedy that at Gaby's party tomorrow?

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