Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Episode 414: Graphics Collected!

We were talking about regional French accents today in LL209, including the Canadian French accent, which is really quite odd and incomprehensible at times. We had a conversation about accents in our home countries, and I tried (with some success) to explain how some Singaporeans have a more 'polished' accent, what Kelly once described as 'educated Singaporean', which is a great description, since in my experience, it tends to be precisely those with a certain educational profile who possess the accent, to varying degrees. I'm a bit of an accent snob, to be honest, even if mine does vary between typical Singaporean, 'educated Singaporean' and Anglo-American mishmash, depending on the company. Met up with Owen after that to get some Photoshop tips, so now I've collected all the graphics that I'm supposed to for next term's films. Will try to finish the titles while I'm in London, but if that doesn't happen, I've still got a week after I get back anyway. So to reward myself, I'm going to watch the latest episodes of House and Gossip Girl, while devouring a pint of Ben & Jerry's!

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