Monday, November 23, 2009

Episode 427: My Twitter Experiment

Have decided that it's futile to rely on more information being uploaded to the website, and that it's really just another form of procrastination, since I can turn out a perfectly adequate 1500-word report just with the information that I already have. So I wasted some time, reformatting the report without adding anything substantial to it. Then I decided to rewrite the beard story from last Friday's seminar. I thought my original story was dull, and the cut-up we did during the seminar wasn't that much more exciting either, so I shook things up by reorganising the narrative in the form of a Twitter feed. The experiment with the form was more interesting than the actual story the feed told, although the user does display some signs of mild paranoia. I even went so far as to dig up a TwitPic URL that pointed to a picture of a guy with a scarf, as that was part of the story. I'm hoping that on Thursday, which is when I plan to write the other two stories imitating authors in the reading pack Peter Blegvad gave out, I'll turn out more entertaining stuff. Am going to see Pictures Of John Gray with Dan on Wednesday, which means another evening this week when I can't do any work!

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