Saturday, November 21, 2009

Episode 425: Cosmo

Lesson today was quite interesting, and if Christopher Kirby puts all that information he mentioned on our website, finishing the report over a couple of days shouldn't be a problem. Am tempted to ask for an extension, say a week or so, as he seems quite okay with that sort of thing. I'll see how things stand on Wednesday and make a decision then. In the mean time, I suppose it makes more sense to start thinking about writing that close reading of 'Ozymandias'. Anyway, the afternoon was comparatively good compared to what transpired in the evening. I waited 40 minutes for Keegan to show up for a dinner outing that he had arranged and for which he had shifted the meeting time forward by an hour. Understandably, I was bloody annoyed. To top if all off, it wasn't as if the food at Cosmo was fantastic. It's okay, and as a buffet, definitely a step up from Wing Wah, but damn it, I could have been at home, doing work. I only agreed to come because I thought my other housemates were as well. As it turns out, I apparently have a lot of invisible housemates because Samantha was the only one I actually saw last night at dinner...

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