Thursday, September 02, 2010

Episode 710: Discount Codes, Anyone?

Have spent the better part of the evening trying to free up space on my laptop, as I suspect there are a lot of orphaned files that are hogging disk space. Lo and behold, it was in fact things like a backup of my iPhone that I don't necessarily need because I almost never sync my iPhone with iTunes to begin with. That alone took up 2 GB of the drive. I'm pretty sure there should be a way to tweak the backup settings so that the file is smaller, but since I don't normally sync my iPhone with iTunes anyway, I'm not going to bother for now. Now I'm defragmenting the hard drives, hoping to recover a little bit more space. Maybe it's just time to get a new, faster laptop? Allowance has come in, and it seems that it's meant for nine months this time, rather than a whole year. I suppose it makes sense, seeing as we're expected to enter NIE right after graduation, where we'll begin drawing a different level of pay anyway. Just got a bunch of discount codes on Contiki tours, up to 50% off, but I can't go on any of them because they either start too early or too late in September, so I can't fly back in time or term will have begun. What a waste! If anyone in the UK wants to use them, let me know. It's just a code you use when you book, so it should work for anybody.

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