Friday, September 17, 2010

Episode 725: I (Will Be) Review(ing) Stuff

Have offered to start doing reviews for Sabotage Reviews, along the lines of what I'm doing for the new Incwriters magazine listings, and sent in an application to review books for The Cadaverine, just like what I'm already doing for Evolve Journal. If I get that as well, I'm possibly looking at producing on average a review of 500-1000 words each week. (Knowing my luck, the deadlines'll probably clash rather than space themselves out nicely over the whole month. Looks like I'll be doing plenty of writing outside of coursework as well. Oh, the self-inflicted pressure! I'm not even sure why I'm getting so involved with this whole reviewing business, aside from that it allows me to read loads of stuff I would otherwise not come across. It isn't even ego. I'm honestly quite terrified that my reviews will come across as superficial, despite knowing full well that I'm capable of good, analytical writing. The usual nagging twinge of insecurity? As a random aside, the title of 2AM Club's debut album, What Did You Think Was Going To Happen?, is surely an attempt at irony, as it doesn't quite live up to the hype generated by their appearance on Pretty Little Liars, where they performed 'Worry About You'. I mean, the songs are mostly catchy, but nothing really stands out in the end. The same could be said about E.M.D., this Swedish boyband that I just discovered, whose album A State Of Mind mostly plays it safe, but then again, that country seems culturally incapable of producing alienating pop music. One last thing. Can I just say how smoking hot the new Maroon 5 video for 'Give A Little More' is, especially given how little skin is actually bared in it?

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