Thursday, September 09, 2010

Episode 717: Screen Protector Woes

Bought a screen protector from Challenger today and got ripped off. It's useless! I was trying to smooth out some small air bubbles, but the screen protector ended up wrinkling, rendering it useless. Am going to follow Audrey down to Bugis next Tuesday and get another one from the shop she buys from instead. (At least I've got enough points to redeem a $20 Challenger voucher. Now all I have to do is collect it.) She's finally got the iPhone she's been hankering after, although she had to switch from SingTel to M1 because the iPhone 4 was out of stock in the SingTel shops she went to. (So why did the M1 shop still have stock? Your guess is as good as mine. Suffice it to say that my impression of SingTel just keeps going down.) Also managed to pay for the books I ordered from Ethos Books, so that's taken care of now. Also borrowed a bunch of humour books, against my better judgement. I figure that they're pretty short, so I should be able to finish them in a few days. Who knows? I might even finish one tonight. On a related note, BooksActually is having a 20% sale tomorrow, but I just don't feel justified in buying anymore books, especially not after having ordered so many local works online, which are what I normally get at BooksActually anyway. Hopefully, my transport reimbursement will be processed quickly and I'll get an additional smidge of money to spend while I'm in Singapore!

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