Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Episode 736: Furiously Reading, Casually Packing

I'm getting really efficient at this packing business. Spent about an hour stuffing things into my suitcases, and I'm pretty much done. I could literally grab my passport and head off right now, if my flight were tonight anyway. Carrying way too much poetry back, but then again, I've always been hopelessly optimistic about how much I can read. Have finished Model Behavior, as well as Ng Yi-Sheng's novelisation of Kelvin Tong's iconic local film, Eating Air. The latter is actually part of a trio of novelisations that were published by Firstfruits in 2008, the other two being James Toh's rendition of Kelvin Tong's 12 Storeys (for which the two actually co-wrote the original screenplay) and Yeo Wei Wei's novelisation of Royston Tan's 4:30. My aim is to finish reading all three by Thursday, which should be achievable. It does mean I likely won't be able to finish those collections by Adam Zagajewski that I borrowed from the library weeks ago though. I never even finished that Andrew Gurr book I meant to before heading back to university! So much for trying to prepare for the new term, huh? On a related note, I'm thinking of applying to blog for The Shakespeare Standard because they're calling for new contributors and editors. Need to pitch them an idea though, so I'm thinking along the lines of something to do with my experiences of studying EN301 in the upcoming academic year, which is admittedly a bit vague, but better than no idea at all, right?

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