Sunday, September 26, 2010

Episode 734: Tap Fish!

That's the latest iPhone game that I'm hooked on. It's quite meaningless in a way, since it just involves breeding fish and selling them, but it appeals greatly to my inner collector. I'm now breeding some of the exotic fishes for sale because they rake in lots of money. Anyway, just one more submission and I've promised myself I'll start going through them and issuing acceptances/rejections. Would've started tonight, except the most recent submission I got was a RAR file from some Chinese e-mail address, and it just really looked like spam. (Plus it wasn't even addressed to my literary journal to begin with.) Not sure how they found the e-mail though, thought I'd already managed to avoid the bots that scan for addresses by not typing it out in the standard format. Oh well! Haven't got quite as far through Model Behavior as I'd planned to, but that was only because I spent an hour watching the new episode of Merlin instead of reading. After all that drama in the first two episodes of the season, this one's pretty mundane. In other words, still waiting for Morgana to go beyond smirking at Merlin as a way of signifying that she's evil.

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