Saturday, September 11, 2010

Episode 719: ReUnite

Just got back from the first event organised by Rafflesians Unite. Free dinner! Was particularly impressed by the prawns. Man, they were huge! I'm definitely getting fat though, so I didn't eat a lot. Time to diet when I get back to the UK, although my inherent laziness when it comes to making meals will essentially guarantee that I eat less anyway. Incidentally, the SingTel mio people came and went, and for now, it seems like my Internet is finally fixed. I say 'seems' because that's exactly what I thought the last time one of their technicians came by. We'll see how my downloads turn out over the next couple of days. Over the past three days, I also managed to finish reading all three of the humour books: Ant Farms And Other Desperate Situations by Simon Rich, The Internet Is A Playground by David Thorne, and Urban Animals: A Comic Field Guide by Mireille Silcoff, with illustrations by Kagan McLeod. They were all reasonably enjoyable, although Rich's book was at times uninspired, and Thorne's trolling, while wickedly funny most of the time, also begged the question of why someone would bother to bait other people like that. Silcoff's book was the most palatable on the whole, aided by McLeod's spot-on illustrations of contemporary urban archetypal characters, largely because I think the humour in this book, out of all three, was the only one that wasn't mean-spirited, even just a little. Now it's back to Tom McCarthy's Men In Space...

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