Monday, September 13, 2010

Episode 721: The Picture Of Dorian Chung

Met up with Caleb and Jina for lunch at AMK Hub and discovered that the Thai laksa at Sticky Rice is actually not bad. A bit sweeter than what I'm used to, but that might be due to the seafood anyway, and it was actually quite nice. Then I went down to the Challenger outlet at Sembawang Shopping Centre to redeem my $20 voucher, where the staff members I encountered for some reason all spoke to each other in Cantonese and also weren't very sure how to process my redemption. Goodness. On the way out of the shopping centre, I was accosted by someone conducting a mall intercept survey. When he asked me for my age, he expressed surprise at my answer and claimed he was even going to check if I was over 15. He later said he'd figured me for 17, 18 at the most. That's a full half a decade younger than my actual age, which even I find a bit ridiculous! Well, at least it suggests that my goal of aging well isn't going to be a problem in time to come. Haven't finished with Men In Space yet, but am already more than a couple of pages into another novel, Paul Golding's The Abomination. Am also reconsidering bringing so many books over on this flight, so that means I'll probably change my mind on the matter, oh, only another half a dozen times before the end of the month!

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