Thursday, September 30, 2010

Episode 738: Flight Drama!

Turns out I'd completely misremembered my flight timing! Not that it matters, since QF9 from Melbourne is currently delayed by at least an hour, if not more. (When I checked in online, it was forecasted to depart Melbourne three hours behind schedule!) Was initially resigned to having to pay £5 to amend my coach ticket, but by a stroke of good fortune, the Internet hotline only operates between 8 am and 8 pm. Otherwise, I'd have wasted good money because Qantas have bumped me to QF31, arriving from Sydney, an Airbus A380 flight no less, and you guessed it, departing at 11:59 pm, which was what I'd been remembering as my departure time all this while! I'm in the bassinet row, but I don't mind because the legroom's fantastic. Much better than my ordinary aisle seat on the Boeing 747 I was originally flying. All in all, pretty impressive customer service from Qantas. Wonder why the flight from Melbourne was so severely delayed though? By the way, I did finish that book by Andrew Gurr in the end, as well as Adam Zagajewski's most recent collection, Eternal Enemies: Poems. Enjoyed the latter greatly, the former was a painful but somewhat enlightening piece of background reading. Now if only I'd actually read any of the plays I wad advised to...

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