Friday, October 01, 2010

Episode 739: Flight Drama: The Sequel

Yeah, unbelievable, right? QF31 was delayed as well, and this was after all the passengers had boarded. (The online seating plan lied by the way, since there was, in fact, one more row of seats in front of mine.) So I obviously missed my coach from Heathrow and had to book another one. Would've taken the train back to Leamington from Marylebone, but that would have required changing from the Piccadilly Line to the Bakerloo Line, and my goal when travelling with suitcases is always to minimise the amount of time I actually have to spend dragging them after me. Even if I'd arrived on time, I might very well have missed my coach anyway, thanks to the wonderfully efficient immigration staff at Heathrow. I mean, it's a brilliant idea to not have staff at all the available counters in the face of snaking queues, just stunning. Can't believe that Changi hasn't thought of it yet, honestly. At least I managed to move almost all of my stuff from the old house to the new one once I did get back to Leamington. Whatever was left behind was simply because it was too inaccessible, so I'm only going back for it once more of my ex-housemates have claimed their stuff. Caught a couple of movies during the flight: Shakespeare In Love (Oscar-winning and so much more interesting than reading Gurr's book, and gosh, Joseph Fiennes looks exactly the same as he did more than a decade ago), Future X-Cops (Hong Kong flick starring Andy Lau and laughable CGI), and The Last Airbender (I could tell that the original cartoon series was better and I didn't even follow that).

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