Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Episode 757: Late Night Pizza!

Domino's 'Two for Tuesday' promotion: So bad for you, it's good. To be fair, I hadn't eaten a proper meal all day, so late night pizza really wasn't as bad as you might think. Had cell at Jethro's place before that, which was good, and also very convenient because it was literally down the road from my place. Quite apart from cell stuff, I also rediscovered my love for salted peanuts. Very moreish! Also had a very intellectual EN301 seminar in the morning, although it was mainly just one guy tossing out stuff like Kierkegaard as if it were the most blindingly obvious thing in the world to be discussing. I suppose what puts me off intellectuals is when you can tell that all their brainpower is focused inwards, thereby producing the sort of social awkwardness that is decidedly unattractive in any person. I'll stop here because this is bordering on a personal attack, I think. So to jump to a completely unrelated subject, I bought stuff today! A Ted Baker case for my iPod. Would've bought a couple of Topman t-shirts again, but I'm not willing to pay for shipping, so I'm wondering if I can find enough stuff to reach £75 and then get free shipping. That would mean spending on stuff that I don't necessarily need (or even want), so I'm going to sleep on this decision.

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