Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Episode 743: Duotrope Listing!

I've managed to get the journal listed by Duotrope's Digest, and it was surprisingly easier than I thought it would be. I've also made a Facebook page, although that's more for the sake of having one than anything else, seeing as how limited the reach of the Twitter account is at the moment. I did 'Like' the page though, just to give it a little exposure on my own social network. In any case, I'm still hoping being listed by Duotrope is what's going to turn this into a truly viable online literary journal. I've already got poems and short stories lined up for the rest of this month, even a slightly ghoulish one for Halloween, courtesy of Rachel, but submissions really have virtually dried up recently, now that the Google AdWords campaign isn't running any longer. I figure that Duotrope posts tweets about new listings, so I should see a spike if they mention Eunoia Review. Fingers crossed! Anyway, I managed to get all my TV shows today, along with some new music. (Not that I'll even find time to watch all of those that I'm currently following in the near future.) Had a listen to 'I Will Follow', the new Chris Tomlin single, on YouTube, and although it's a slight departure from his usual sound (I think), I still quite like it. Definitely getting a physical copy of the album when it comes out in November.

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