Saturday, October 02, 2010

Episode 740: Buying Dog Food

Went down to the Library to get Internet access and bumped into Julie on the bus, but it took forever for us to get to campus because of traffic diversions. It was so bad, we were literally stuck there for about half an hour in a jam. Was in the Library for most of the afternoon, until I had to leave to get home and get ready for Neil and Elizabeth's engagement dinner at ASK. The food there is quite nice, as was the marzipan-covered cake the couple brought! I love marzipan, really. Strange encounter on the way to the restaurant though. I came across this homeless man with a dog, and I wasn't quite sure what he wanted at first. He'd asked if I spoke English, which clearly offered me a way out. I could've just pretended to be one of those mainland Chinese that I'm always being taken for, and walked away. I didn't though, and he didn't ask me for money either. Well, he did, but he said he was going to use it to buy dog food and if I wanted to, I could just buy the dog food and give it to him instead because that's all he wanted. So while part of me was wondering if he was going to rob me, part of me was also thinking, the guy just wants to feed his dog and I can totally make that happen for him at almost no cost to myself, so why not? I suppose in retrospect, it was rather trusting of me, and I don't know if my parents would've commended me or told me I should've been more careful, but hey, it turned out fine in the end. I wish I'd done more though, like bought the guy a sandwich or something. I might've, to be honest, if I wasn't already late for the dinner.

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Greg said...

I do enjoy the food at the Ask restaurants, their pizzas are amazing. I can understand your dilema. It's strange though, that we would give money to the homeless to feed their pets but not to the homeless to feed themselves for fear of them not spending it on food.