Saturday, October 30, 2010

Episode 768: Reconsidering My Options...

Had blueberries for lunch because I felt so guilty about eating Vialli's again last night. Meant to finish writing all the blog entries that I need to schedule for my upcoming Incwriters stint, but have only managed to finish three out of eight, with the fourth half-completed. Oh well, at least I'm still ahead of schedule. Managed to finish the reading for this week's EN301 seminar, which I found myself disagreeing with on principle because there's nothing worse than militant feminist literary criticism. Have been acquiring a fair amount of music today, including albums by Matt Redman, Danny Saucedo, Erik Segerstedt and Matthew West. That reminds me, I need to purchase Sophie Mac's EP! Anyway, I think I'm slowly coming around to the opinion that it's not logical for me to spend time taking the GRE and applying to American universities if when I rank my choices for MOE, Warwick is still going to be the first one. The reasons for this are mostly non-academic, like being part of an awesome worship band in church, and possibly getting to do a reading in Leeds next September. It might seem like my priorities are wrong, but given that I don't have a strong preference for any of the four universities over the others for purely academic reasons, I say the peripheral factors are now the central ones for decision-making.

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