Friday, October 29, 2010

Episode 767: Flagging Productivity

You know that feeling when you've got loads to do, but you just don't feel like getting on with it? Am sort of in that state right now. I've just been reminded that I've got eight days of blogging to schedule for Incwriters, and I've only got ideas for three so far, which is slightly worrying. I haven't completed my readings for EN236 since weeks ago, and that's not going to change this week, especially since I don't actually have a copy of Muriel Spark's Robinson. You can see bits of it on Google Books, so I suppose that'll have to do. Pretty certain it's not going to turn out to be my kind of book though. Have just finished my writing task for this week after getting back from Louise's birthday bar crawl, so that's something accomplished at least. Totally going to do a Saturday of hardcore reading, and possibly some writing as well. I think it's best that I get cracking on the PWP as soon as possible, even if it's bashing out a mediocre poem that Michael Hulse would not approve of. I mean, I don't have to show the awful drafts to him, since I'm only checking in with him again in Week 7. Have even ordered a two-volume anthology, Chapters Into Verse, which collects poetry inspired by the Bible. I think it's going to make for interesting reading, allow me to compare what I'm writing against what other poets have written, or maybe even to see gaps that I can fill. Just briefly glancing through the contents pages, I could see that there are loads of poems about Adam and Eve, but very little about Cain and Abel, let alone Seth. It's definitely going to be that last aspect, giving voice to the silent characters, that'll be fascinating to work on.

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