Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Episode 751: What Goes Into Vialli's?

Had Vialli's for dinner. Twice. I really want to know what goes into the seasoning they use on their fried chicken and potato wedges. It's definitely insanely unhealthy, but it tastes good to me, even when there's no alcohol in my bloodstream. (I had had a few drinks tonight though, what with drinking at the Terrace Bar after the AdHoc taster session, and joining Dan and Laura for the last bit of their sort-of pub crawl.) It's kind of like Original Recipe KFC, but more intensely savoury. If I knew how the taste was created, I could attempt to replicate it, albeit in a healthier fashion. Or I could just continue to satisfy my cravings the easy way! Such a tough decision to make. Anyway, LL251 went better than expected. Claudie Cox obviously recognises me, and she even used the same general knowledge quiz as she did at the start of LL209 last year. I, obviously, didn't remember most of the answers. I also pretended not to have bought the textbook because nobody else had, and I didn't want to appear too keen. Ridiculous, I know, but there you go, I'm so insecure. Insert tragic musical motif here and brooding close-up.

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