Sunday, October 24, 2010

Episode 762: C!

Am not allowing myself to go to bed until I get through at least half of C. It's actually not that hard to read something if you just force yourself to sit down and do it, no distractions. Not having Internet access at home helps, of course. That and there being only one TV show to watch today (Merlin), and I've already seen it. I suppose I could've skipped church and I might have finished reading it by now, leaving me plenty of time to write the review tomorrow, but I had to pay Arun for the weekend away. At least I don't have to worry about my French presentation anymore, as I finished that off while watching Merlin and yet another episode ReGenesis. Ah, Ellen Page. Such a good actress even way back in 2004. Definitely underused in Inception, by the way. I managed to schedule two posts for Eunoia Review while freezing my hands off at the bus stop after service, and this was despite having to contend with ridiculously unstable WiFi access. I suppose I could've been reading more of C instead, but what the heck!

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