Sunday, October 17, 2010

Episode 755: A Sunday Back & Forth

So while nursing the dregs of a cold, I sang for two services today. (Don't think I've ever actually done that before.) It was apparently good though. The whole worship, I mean, not my singing alone. I usually can't tell what the mix sounds like to the congregation, but our harmonies in the evening service definitely sounded good! Was pretty tiring being out the whole day though, and I had to get the bus back to Leamington in between the services to meet up with my writing group. Really excited about that, by the way. So I had lots of time on the bus (would've been more if I hadn't got a lift at the start and the end of the whole day), and I read a bit of William S. Burrough's The Naked Boys, even though that's not even one of the primary texts for EN236. It's good fun though, and I like it more than A Clockwork Orange anyway. Don't think I'm even going to finish that by Thursday. On the other hand, I have finished Hamlet. Now to re-read the beginning of Richard III for, funnily enough, the third time. Not even going to think about 1 Henry IV or A Midsummer Night's Dream yet!

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