Sunday, October 31, 2010

Episode 769: A Clockwork Orange

No progress on the Incwriters posts yet, and now I've got to get started on WSC stuff as well. Collecting titles for a couple of films, which shouldn't take long, and writing two reviews, of New York, I Love You and Resident Evil: Afterlife. Don't think I'm going to offer to collect graphics this term, at least not until I've cleared everything else that I need to do. That would be, oh, reading three plays, a bunch of novels, and starting on my PWP. Nothing much really. I did finish reading A Clockwork Orange at last, and my opinion of it has been completely reversed. I think it has definite flaws, but at the structural level, it's interesting because of the way the final chapter, originally excised in the American edition, brings the narrative full circle, and then breaks out. I think without that final chapter, the tone of the story is completely shifted to something potentially more sinister, and yet the rest of the book, though set in a dystopian society, does not quite match up to the dismal ending of the American edition. That said, this novel has definite pacing issues, as I found the first third unbearably taxing to plod through, but the rest of the book was a surprisingly quick read. Finished it in an hour or so before service, sitting in the Library!

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