Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Episode 744: LL251!

First day of Societies Fair was crazy! So. Many. People. That translates to too many people for my comfort, to be honest. Had to disappear for an hour to attend my EN301 lecture anyway, and then had to register at the Language Centre after that. Both my tutors, from last year and the year before that, recognised me. I think they're both rather pleased that I've stuck with the language throughout my three years at Warwick. Unfortunately, LL241, which was the module I wanted, was full, so now I'm doing LL251 French for Business Advanced 2 instead. They're considered as being on par in terms of difficulty, the difference between them being pretty self-explanatory. Oh, and you can't use dictionaries in the examinations for LL251! That was somewhat disconcerting news for me, as it means I actually have to go back to working at my French, rather than relying on the dictionary to bail me out when I run out of the right words. So basically, it'll be like going back to when I was doing my 'AO' Level French at MOELC! Tutor's the same one as I had last year, so I know her classroom manner and everything, which is a plus. Not sure how I'd ever put what I'm going to learn to use, but hey, it's a chance to get another piece of official certification, the Diplôme de français professionnel AFFAIRES B2, awarded by the Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie de Paris.

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