Monday, October 18, 2010

Episode 756: Failure To Arrive

Today's been a really bad day, bus-wise. Couldn't get on the U1 at the bottom of the Parade to get to church to do stuff for Kidz Klub, so I only spent like half an hour typing out stuff before I had to head to the Arts Centre for my EN301 lecture. Was completely distracted throughout that too, checking my e-mails on my iPhone. I swear, WiFi is like crack to me these days. I got the book reviewing gig for The Cadaverine, which is great news. Had completely forgotten about that until I got the editor's e-mail today. Speaking of which, I really ought to get on with reading Tom McCarthy's C, seeing as the review is due in a week. To return to the subject of buses though, I'm now typing this at the Arts Centre stop, two U1s having gone by 'full'. If it weren't for silly health and safety regulations, I'm sure I could be on my way home by now. I mean, call those buses full? They were practically empty, compared to what I deal with on a daily basis back home on the feeder service that goes by my block. I'm also starving, my fingers are freezing, and I feel like I should be trying to read A Clockwork Orange, but I honestly still can't find it in me to care about Burgess's novel. This is one of those Twitter #FML moments, except it really isn't, is it?

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