Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Episode 758: Missed The Bus (Again)

It had to happen eventually. Walked into my lecture late for the first time this year, but it wasn't alone, so it was hardly as mortifying as it could've been. Am beginning to realise that the time just before noon is actually a horrible time to attempt to catch the bus. It's actually easier to get on the U1 in the morning, compared to at noon. Ridiculous. LL251 was a bit of a bore this week because one of the activities was exactly the same as something we did in LL209 last year. One of the other students admitted to me during the break that he finds the pace of the lessons a bit slow too. I strongly suspect that all of us in the class who didn’t learn our French in an English school actually feel the same way. (I'm in general not impressed by the language-learning abilities of the English, holding to the view that every stereotype contains a kernel of truth.) Had actually hoped to see Tim Crouch's The Author tonight, completely on the spur of the moment because this was to be the performance with the post-show dialogue, but tickets were sold out. Went to the worship night at church instead like I’d originally planned to, and it was still a good way to end the day. (Also caved and bought that aviator jacket from Topman!) Still going to see The Author though, just on Friday instead with Bella.

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