Thursday, October 14, 2010

Episode 752: Eye-opening Seminar

Stayed up till past 1 am, finishing Timothy Conigrave's Holding The Man. It's by no means stylistically perfect (in fact, I would slit my wrists if I wrote like that), but it is a moving piece of autobiography, and you can see how the story lends itself to theatrical adaptation. I thought this morning's EN236 seminar was really good, by the way. I'd been vaguely aware of Dave Eggers and McSweeney's, but I hadn't realised just how interesting the whole enterprise is, especially how big its scope actually is. If I had loads of spare cash lying around, I would totally get a subscription to it and buy copies of the back issues too. Alas, that's probably something I'm only going to do at the end of the academic year, when I know if I've got any money left over. My mum would not approve of my bringing home even more books and magazines, but I suppose it's really her and my dad's fault for spending so much time on teaching me to read at a young age. Might actually raise that point when she next comments on my overflowing shelves. The whole concept of 826 Valencia is actually really intriguing me now, and I kind of wish I had the guts to do something like that, like George Ttoouli was unsubtly hinting to us throughout the seminar.

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